Workshop Lenght:

  • 2 Days

Target Groups:

  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • People responsible for CI/CD


Development experience, Revision Control, Knowledge of Build, Deploy and Testing

Jenkins Continuous Integration and Delivery

Short release cycles demand an apropriate tooling. Today automation is required at every stage of the software development process. Jenkins as the leading CI server allows to automate almost every part of this: Building the software, triggered by schedule or by ingoing changes of the revision control system, testing, packeting and even deploying…

Jenkins provides various options of reporting and long time surveillance of the CI/CD processes. A multitude of plugins covers a wide range of individual requirements

Trainings can be arranged in your space or in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Thessaloniki (Greece)
Next available:

  • Thessaloniki, Greece: We plan the next events on Q1 2019

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Course Outline:

Day 1:

Intro CI / CD

  • Overview of CI/CD, concepts, terms
  • Continuous delivery and dontinuous deployment
  • CI tools: overview and application

Intro Jenkins

  • Summary
  • Installation, base configuration
  • Examples and best practices
  • Practice

Jenkins Jobs

  • Job types and their use
  • Job configuration
  • Integration of source code management systems
  • Build triggers, custom configuration
  • Build tools
  • Configuring and using messaging and reporting
  • Examples and best practices

Job Chains

  • Chaining jobs via build trigger and post build steps
  • Parameters and conditional steps
  • Overview on pipeline technologies
  • Practical examples and best practices

Day 2:

Jenkins Plugins

  • Overview and handling of plugins incl. common best practices
  • Installation, update and maintenance
  • Important plugins and their usage

Distributed Builds

  • Overview
  • Installation and configuration of Jenkins slave nodes
  • Plugins supporting distributed builds
  • Slave nodes in containers and in the cloud
  • Practical examples and best practices

Jenkins administration and security

  • The central Jenkins configuration
  • Jenkins maintenance, updates and backups
  • Security, administration of rolls and permissions
  • Hardening of the Jenkins environment

Intro Jenkins 2 Pipelines and Blue Ocean

Public Trainings:

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  • Drinks, Fruits and Snacks
  • Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • Certificate of Completion

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