Jenkins Advanced Jenkins Pipeline

Workshop Length:

  • 2 Days

Target Groups:

  • Software Developers
  • Dev-Ops Team
  • People responsible for CI/CD
  • Release Managers

Number of participants:

  • max. 8 participants


  • Development experience
  • Jenkins principles
  • Continuous integration

Expert Workshop – Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins undergoes a complete change in version 2 through the Jenkins Pipelines. Many constraints and architectural deficiencies of version 1 are eliminated by the Jenkins Pipeline concept. At the same time it creates maximum flexibility with less complexity. Meanwhile, the pipeline technology has the highest degree of maturity required for widespread use.

Jenkins version 1.x, offered solutions in a variety of ways. With Jenkins Pipeline, there are also many ways to reach your goals. This course offers a broad overview. Practical exercises and examples provide the Know-How for your project.

Trainings can take place by appointment at your place or in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Thessaloniki (GR)!

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Price for participating in the public course (2 days);

1.160,00 € per person
1.380,40 € incl. 19% VAT
food and seminar material included

Course Outline – Jenkins Pipeline:

CI & CD & Jenkins

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • The Jenkins CI Server
  • Features of Jenkins 2
  • Groovy and Jenkins API

Jenkins Pipeline

  • Pipeline Plugins
  • Pipeline Job and Jenkinsfile
  • Scripted and declarative Pipeline
  • Important language commands
  • Stage, Node, Step
  • Pipeline Workspaces

Pipeline Security

  • Groovy Sandbox
  • Jenkins Releases
  • Handling and best practices

Script Commands

  • sh, bat, powershell
  • Parameters and their usage
  • Example and exercise

Source code Checkout

  • SCM connection in the pipeline
  • Git, SVN, TFS
  • SCM strategies and Jenkins
  • Example and exercise

Parameters & Flow control

  • Pipeline configuration, Trigger
  • Pipeline Parameter
  • The input command
  • Chaining Pipelines together

File Handling

  • Important and useful language commands
  • Data exchange
  • Archive artifacts
  • Example and exercise

Error Handling

  • Pipeline properties and states
  • error and catchError
  • try / catch / finally
  • Best practices and exercise


  • The keyword parallel
  • Parallel in code or as variable
  • Distribution among nodes
  • Best practices and exercise


  • Concurrency motivation
  • Lockable Resources
  • Milestones
  • Examples and practical exercise

Shared Libraries

  • Types of libraries and their usage
  • Jenkins libraries configuration
  • Implementing libraries in a Pipeline
  • Example and best practices
  • Practical exercise

Pipeline architectures and best practices

  • Pipelines in large and complex environments
  • Best practices and summary

Public Trainings:

We carry out the training in our offices or at the premises of one of our partners. In addition to the seminar and practical exercises we offer:

  • Training material
  • Drinks, Fruits and Snacks
  • Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • Certificate of Completion

In-house Course:

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Individual Coaching:

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